4 Hottest trends that will dominate the eCommerce industry in 2022

4 Hottest trends that will dominate the eCommerce industry in 2022

The Covid impact has altered the eCommerce scenario forever. The year 2021 has inspired some game-changing practices that opened a new horizon for the eCommerce industry.

Case in point: The huge success of Shopify merchants in this holiday season pivoted and approved the new approaches for digital selling. (Read our previous story on Shopify record-breaking sale on BFCM here).

So, to help you navigate through the new landscape of modern technology and innovations, we have compiled a list of 4 customer trends that will help Shopify store owners provide personalized customer experiences and grow business multifold. So without any delay, let’s get started!

Customer’s Preference for Personalized Products

In this digital era of multiple channels for online shopping, customers have high expectations. A recent Research by Deloitte finds that 22% of customers willingly share their personal information to get personalized products or services, and most of them do not mind paying an extra amount for these offerings. 


To fully satisfy your customers, enabling sorting from multiple categories is not enough. Offering personalized products on the basis of the information gathered can engage your customers more in your store.

Pro Tip: Leverage Salesforce CRM for getting insights on customers’ journey, purchasing behavior, and shopping preferences to offer personalized content and discounts.

4 Hottest trends that will dominate the eCommerce industry in 2022

Augmented Reality Interface for visual commerce

Despite online shopping becoming the preferred mode of shopping, customers often complain that there is a difference in appearance between the ordered product and the product delivered. 

This gap is filled by an Augmented and Virtual Reality interface that enables the customer to view products the way they will look in real life and how they will fit into their day-to-day lifestyle.

 Research by ABI forecasts that there will be more than 120,000 stores using Augmented reality (AR) globally by 2022.

Shopping through Voice Search

Another trend expected to gain momentum in 2022 is using Voice Search for Shopping. As per a  report, Voice Shopping will touch $40 Billion in the U.S. and $5 Billion in the UK by 2022. 

Hence, Shopify store owners must optimize their voice shopping strategy to reach out to more customers.

Tip: Develop and modify your content with the relevant long-tail keywords using conversational languages.

Chatbots powered service

For a phenomenal customer experience, Shopify retailers must take their service game a notch higher. Service Chats integrated with your customer services will give faster resolution and communication with a number of customers at a time, offering personalized solutions to every customer’s queries.


Service Chatbots are undoubtedly essential for mid-sized and big Shopify business owners to offer world-class personalized and quick service to your customers.

Tip: Salesforce service Cloud Chat Bot automates your service process with Einstein intelligence.

Final Thought: Editor’s pick

To conclude, it’s safe to say that new technology with scaling capabilities is going to shape the future of the eCommerce industry in 2022. 


As mentioned above, Salesforce CRM has cutting-edge technology which is crucial for Shopify store owners to transform their business in 2022.


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