4 tips to measure the success of your holiday efforts this season

4 tips to measure the success of your holiday efforts this season

Shopify retailers all over the world must have been through with planning, analyzing, and preparing for the big Black Friday sale, by now. 

But won’t you like to know how well these holiday efforts will perform?

Well, understanding the curiosity of Shopify retailers to know how their month-long efforts for increasing revenue numbers will pay off, we have put together 4 awesome tips to accurately measure your holiday e-commerce success.

So, without further ado, let’s quickly jump to these awesome tips.

Parameters of measuring success

As we have already discussed in our previous blogs, 2020 saw the biggest digital shopping sale to date and 2021 is also expected to be no different.

Having said that, relying on last year’s growth and revenue target might not be the best strategy to achieve success in 2021. Of course, these numbers project a picture of the possibilities and are a part of the planning process but definitely not the determining factors.

Here are the tips to measure the success of holiday sale 2021.

#1. Contingency planning

The CRM leader Salesforce has recently predicted that Us retailers will face an extra $223 billion in cost of goods this year. This will happen because of the pressure of the global supply chain and its ripple effects on logistics, shipping, and a rise in prices.

Keeping these in mind. Shopify owners should add contingency plans in their holiday preparation. Sketch out clear goals and metrics in the plan and see how fast and perfectly your team members can pivot.

#2. Focus on traffic from all angles

The two main KPIs for measuring your holiday season sale are Traffic and Conversion.  When you are viewing traffic from social media channels, affiliate channels, or email marketing, keep in mind that you have the right cadence of promotions, launches, and email campaigns. 

Check on the source of the traffic while checking the numbers whether they are coming from paid, organic, or direct searches. Email campaigns are also effective during the holiday season. A report suggests that 84% of customers open emails that have discount-related content while 64% tend to open emails from brands.

4 tips to measure the success of your holiday efforts this season

#3. Concentrate on multi-faceted conversions

To optimize your conversion, first, make your check-out process smooth. Make your forms simple, add payment options, offer guest checkout . Make sure to optimize product recommendations and presentations for increasing average order value. Also, to show urgency, add popularity badges, show limited inventory messages, and flash threshold messages.

Apart from that, to optimize the effectiveness of your activities, you may perform conversion rates optimization testing such as click tracking, A/B testing, and visitor recording.

#4. Prepare Retention Strategies

Did you know the average conversion of abandoned cart emails was 18.64% last year?

Abandoned carts are the opportunity for Retargeting and retaining customers with upselling and cross-selling.  

Also, you can open a customer feedback loop to know customers’ thoughts and create a brand value for your customers. It has been found that customers who feel valued tend to return more often.

Final Thoughts

We hope you liked this update. Stay tuned with us for much information on the Black Friday sale. Also , if you are interested in hooking your Shopify store with Salesforce CRM, try Shopify Made Easy app. The app is a top-performing Shopify salesforce connector on Salesforce AppExchange and can be installed at no cost. Check out the app today!

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