5 Tips to drive customer engagement for Black Friday sale

5 Tips to drive customer engagement for Black Friday sale

Hello Shopifiers,

If you follow our blogs, you must have noticed that we have been bringing you updates, statistics, and market insights about the Holiday season sale lately. But as the sale season is getting closer, we have decided to come up with a dedicated Blog series for all Shopify store owners to armor you with all the necessary strategies and tips to grow your revenue this season.

So, if you haven’t crafted any promotional strategy for the holiday season sale, now is the time to do so. 

And to help you, we, in the very first episode of our blog series, will be discussing the marketing strategies you can adopt to engage customers for the big day sale. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tips for Customer engagement

As the Black Friday sale centers itself around a small time frame, the best way to create anticipation is to promote your offers early. 

The ideal time to start sharing your Black Friday teasers for creating excitement is towards the end of October. Other than creating excitement, these teasers are also essential for growing your email list, as you make customers sign up to view your discounts and offers.

Also, to remain at the top of the mind of shoppers, you may create shopping guides or campaigns highlighting products throughout November.

So, here are some tips to engage customers for the Big day sale:

1. Email marketing tips

We know email marketing is one of the most effective tools to create hype over your holiday deals. Creating a sense of urgency in your emails can boost your sales significantly. You can achieve this by: 

  • Mentioning subject lines and CTAs in a time-limited language to create that urgency feeling.

  • You may also use Countdown timers to create the psychological effects of urgency.

  • Sending Abandoned Cart emails is a great tactic for winning back your customers.

  • Sending out emails for promotions and offers at the right time re-engages your customers who abandoned shopping carts.

2. Increasing Average Order Value tips

5 Tips to drive customer engagement for Black Friday sale

It feels great when customers purchase products from your Shopify store. But won’t it be even better if that customer buys more things in that purchase?

Yes, increasing your Order Value increases your sale and, you can lure customers into buying more products by:

  • Offering Free Shipping. 

  • Giving your customers a percentage off on orders over a certain value also increases AOV.

3. Email designs tips

In this holiday season, your subscriber’s inbox will be flooded with offers and discounts emails. So it is essential to stand out among those emails to reach out to your customers. You can catch your customers’ attention by designing seriously impressive email templates that are eye-catching and scream attention. There are many tools available like those in Salesforce Marketing Cloud which can help you to design email easily and quickly.

4. Social Media Marketing tips

Tapping into social media helps you to reach your target customers across multi-channels. By posting promotional ads on multiple channels, you are likely to get more attention. You should have a strong CTA with innovative and compelling content to stand out on Social media platforms. You may also retarget your email subscribers through Facebook ads.

5. Segmentation for targeted email sending tips

Segmentation is essential for sending targeted emails to customers aligning the content as per their needs. For Black Friday, you can segment your email contact lists by

  • Utilizing customers’ shopping history to see their preferred products and send out emails that appeal to their purchase behaviors. You may also offer complementary products based on their past purchase.

  • Finding their previous engagement to your marketing campaigns. You may adjust your content to increase engagement and also reward your loyal customers by sending special offers and discounts.


Thus, with these tips, you can take your Black Friday Marketing campaign to the next level and drive customer engagement for more sales.

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