6 Best Accounting tools for your Shopify store

6 Best Accounting tools for your Shopify store

Accounting is a complicated yet crucial part of a business to manage, track and optimize the growth of your business.

The accounting process can be very time-consuming but it holds the key to the growth of your business. 

So, if you want to spend more time on business and less on bookkeeping, then a good accounting tool is your way to go.

Hence, investing in accounting software is quite important for businesses to manage the cash flow and prepare for tax returns.

Having said that, choosing the right tool for managing your accounting can significantly simplify your financial processes, especially if you have a small business.

Accounting tools for your Shopify store

Choosing the best accounting tools

Here we have put together a list of the best small business accounting tools for your Shopify store. Take a look!

  1. Quickbooks Online
    Quickbook is a popular accounting tool that can help Shopify business owners handle their accounting easily and quickly. Quickbook offers plans that include features like expense tracking, managing bills from suppliers and vendors, invoicing, and inventory tracking.

  2. Xero
    Xero is considered an intelligent tool for its mobile utility and ease of use. It syncs with many devices giving updated information in real-time. It can handle a wide range of accounting tasks like expenses, billing, payroll, calculation of sales tax, and invoicing among others.

  3.  Freshbooks
    Freshbooks is a user-friendly invoicing solution that provides outstanding customer service. Its features include expense management, invoicing, time tracking ability, and payment acceptance. It uses smart technology and automation to make accounting easy.

  4. Wave
    The Wave is a unique tool that offers its service for free. Ideal for small and new businesses, this software handles almost everything that its counterpart tools offer. From managing expenses to invoicing, banking reconciliation, and payroll, all its features are free to use.

  5. Accounting Seed
    All of the above accounting software are standalone products, but Accounting Seed comes with tight integration with Salesforce. And this is why it covers all the financial aspects of your business. It is also available as a standalone web application. Moreover, It is a cloud-based software that is easily customizable without any code.

  6. Sage 50 Cloud
    Sage 50 Cloud is yet another cloud-based accounting tool that is highly customizable and has advanced features and functionalities. Its main features include expense management, invoicing, and the management of inventories. And the best part it integrates well with Microsoft office. Its other features include role-based security and account management for various companies.

Integrating accounting tools with Salesforce

Now that we have sorted the best accounting tool, we should know how to integrate them. Here comes the mighty Salesforce that can integrate all these accounting software easily, allowing you to manage all your operations without having to juggle multiple software.

If you haven’t integrated Salesforce, you might want to do it now using our Salesforce Shopify connector app Shopify Made Easy.

Why Shopify Made Easy app for integration?

Shopify Made easy is the perfect Shopify Salesforce connector that not only imports data but also lets you manage your inventory, draft, order, collection on a single platform.

Also, this app is user-friendly as it has zero integration codes.

You may get the app from Salesforce AppExchange

Summing up

We hope that this article helps you to pick the best accounting tool for your Shopify store.

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