An ultimate guide for Shopify to Salesforce Integration with Shopify Made Easy

An ultimate guide for Shopify to Salesforce Integration with Shopify Made Easy

Shopify retailers interact with customers through various channels like marketplaces, social media, and online stores. To make this interaction effective and to manage operations, order fulfillment, and most importantly to track customer’s journeys, retailers need an efficient CRM like Salesforce.

Precisely, Leveraging Salesforce CRM’s vast capabilities, you can grow your Shopify store with lead management and better customer experience.  Hence, Integration with Salesforce is the key to drive business with world-class customer service. While many Shopify to Salesforce integration applications are available for seamless integration, Shopify Made Easy app stands out as the most preferable and trusted choice of Shopify merchants.

What makes Shopify Made Easy so popular

Simply put, Shopify Made Easy acts as a bridge between Shopify store and Salesforce allowing retailers to manage inventory, order, collection, drafts, payments, and customers in one interactive platform. 

  • You can manage unlimited products and orders with the order and products synchronization
  • Synchronization of Accounts, Contacts, Collections, Customers, and Locations at Salesforce end to avail of CRM benefits.
  • Eloquent and lucid user interface leading to effective utilization of data.
  • A unified interface to import Legacy data and consolidate it with Salesforce platform data
  • Available in both Classic and Lightning features of Salesforce.
  • Dynamic field mapping for non-It users.

And, all this feature comes at the price of Free.

Steps for Shopify to Salesforce integration with Shopify Made Easy

Shopify to Salesforce Integration

Shopify to Salesforce integration is actually very easy with Shopify Made Easy.  You can synchronize your store’s data and workflows in 5 simple steps. So, Here is a brief rundown of the steps involved in the synchronization process

  • Installation of the app from Salesforce Appexchange
  • Configuration of the app in
  • Retrieving API key and password from the Shopify store account
  • Mapping the data and workflows
  • Synchronization


To begin with, Shopify Made Easy can be downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange by logging in with your Trailblazer account. After prior consent, the app package will be installed in Production for all users. After the package is installed, you will be able to view the package on the Set-Up page in your

Configuration for app functionality

Next, comes the configuration part in which comprises three steps, such as:

  • Creation and activation of your site in 
  • Remote Site settings
  • Generating Self-signed Shopify certificate

Retrieving API key and password from your Shopify account 

After completing the above actions, it’s time to retrieve the API key and password from your Shopify account to access your storefront data. Here you will need to log in to your Shopify store’s account and create a private app and then give API permissions for the functioning of the app. The mandatory API Active permissions required are:

Customers, Location  Inventory  Draft Order Product, and Order. After the app is created, the API key and password should be saved and added to the setting page to start the mapping process.

Mapping of data

In this step, your account, variants, collections, customer, location, order, products, and inventory is mapped with Salesforce. You can add a custom field mapping or simply go ahead with the default mapping given in this step.


At last,  your legacy data and workflows are imported and synchronized with Salesforce.

Once the app is installed and configured, it works in a loop and synchronizes instantly whenever new data is added to the Shopify account. 

For a complete walkthrough of the installation process, read the Shopify Made Easy User Manual Guide here.

Wrap Up

We hope you find this information useful. Stay hooked with us for more such news related to your Shopify store.

And, for any question regarding the Shopify Made Easy app, talk to the experts here.

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