How to coordinate multiple Shopify stores together through Shopify Made Easy

How to coordinate multiple Shopify stores together through Shopify Made Easy

Shopify has become a popular e-commerce platform that provides tools that help businesses build their own customized websites and helps you sell not only online but also in person.

It offers a wide range of app integrations to cover the precise needs of a business. But the platform still needs a comprehensive solution for various other aspects of the business. This is where Salesforce comes in. 

There’s a multitude of reasons why you should integrate your Shopify store with Salesforce.

You and your team can manage all products and order-related processes from one platform. This makes for hassle-free syncing for all processes, making data more manageable. 

Shopify Made Easy is your solution to effortlessly connecting your Shopify store to Salesforce. A very important feature of the connector is allowing syncing of not just two but multiple stores that allow you to coordinate the following processes from one app.

Let’s see how Shopify Made Easy enables smooth coordination of multiple stores from one platform.  

Sync multiple Shopify stores with Salesforce

Multi-store sync

Shopify Made Easy allows you to sync not only one but multiple stores with Salesforce, so you don’t need a separate integration for each store.

Zero code integration

Shopify Made Easy is designed keeping in mind non-IT users. It does not require any code and has dynamic field mapping. It gives you lifetime access with no need for a subscription.

Manage multiple inventories from multiple stores in one place

You can sync unlimited inventories, products, collections, and records of multiple stores in real-time, making data handling smooth and hassle-free – saving you your precious time and efforts by using Shopify Made Easy.

Boost selling with effective data utilization

The Shopify-Salesforce integration automates order processing and also the management of sales. Shopify Made Easy allows you to do all this from one platform while also automatically updating the data across all the multiple stores you are managing. 

Think of all the time this will save you and all that can be done in this saved time. You can put your energy into generating more sales while all your management processes are automated.

Wrap Up

We hope that now you have the simple answer to “how to coordinate multiple Shopify stores”. You’re a few easy steps away from automating your processes. Go to  Salesforce AppExchange to install Shopify Made Easy today!  Or reach out to us for a demo call. Tap now!

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