How to Drive Customer Engagement with Shopify to Salesforce connector app: Shopify Made Easy

How to Drive Customer Engagement with Shopify to Salesforce connector app: Shopify Made Easy

According to a study, around 75% of customers expect a personal interaction wherever they engage, such as social media platforms or websites. As per the report, 70% of US citizens say that brands that offered personalized interactions have received their loyalty.

“ Today CRM is the fundamental component of the customer engagement strategy ”

The world’s best CRM, Salesforce, is a fundamental element for your Shopify store to connect with your customers. Salesforce can help you get an insight into customer behavior and adopt strategies to serve customers in a better way.

Shopify Made Easy for better Customer Experience.

For starters, Shopify Made Easy is a smart Shopify Salesforce connector app that integrates your Shopify store with Salesforce.

But the question arises why the integration with Shopify Made Easy app?

Well, the answer is To engage customers.

 Strategically, the first step towards customer engagement is to get all your data on one unified platform to simplify the process of inventory management, order management, and many more.

Shopify Made easy is one such comprehensive solution that does exactly the same for your store. 

Let us explore Shopify Made Easy to know more about its benefits-

  • Firstly, Shopify Made Easy provides a unified platform to manage both your CRM and Shopify Store data.
  • Secondly, It Synchronizes your inventory, orders, collections, accounts, and drafts seamlessly real quick.
  • Also, It connects apps and configures automated workflows into streamlined processes.
  • In addition to that, This app lets you enjoy the features of both Salesforce Classic and Lightning.
  • Lastly, A thoughtful app designed to be used by Non-IT users too.

Most importantly, the super easy installation process without any code will help you to get started with Salesforce without any fuss.

Closing Thoughts

We have presented an app that can handle all the critical operations of the business, allowing you to concentrate on gaining customer engagements.

So, without any delay, visit Salesforce App Exchange to install the app and grab the attention of your customers.

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