How to win over your customers with world-class order management

How to win over your customers with world-class order management

Speaking of Order Management, we must know that shoppers nowadays want transparency and complete control over their buying experience. This includes updating changes in their shipping address, tracking the status of the order, canceling or returning any order, and choosing a payment method and desired shipping courier.

You can provide all this shopping experience with Salesforce Order Management in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

To clarify, Salesforce Order Management focuses on customers’ journeys to ensure a great customer experience driving customer loyalty.

world-class order management

Features of Salesforce Order Management

 Offers flexibility in delivery, shipping options, and return of goods

As mentioned earlier, customers look for choices. They want full control over various options such as delivery time, in-store pickup, shipping choices as per their convenience. Salesforce order management will help you enable location-based inventory and maintain updated stock in real-time so that you can live up to today’s customers’ expectations.

Empower customers to self-serve

With this feature, your customers can be self-sufficient to initiate any service process related to the changes in address or details, or even to return goods. They may also raise service requests through Live Chats. Also, if needed, they may get the assistance of sales reps who can access the unified view of the customer’s journey through this feature.

Connects Employees for better customer experiences

Salesforce Order management connects commerce and service for giving a unified view of customers’ journey details in real-time. This means your sales rep can help customers in placing orders, adding coupons, and many more other inquiries.

Hence, your workforce can work faster and more efficiently to deliver the best experience and build stronger customer relationships.



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