Key Highlights of Shopify Unite 2021: Major Announcements on Empowering Merchants

Key Highlights of Shopify Unite 2021: Major Announcements on Empowering Merchants

The year 2021 seems to be a remarkable year of continuous improvements for Shopify. This year Shopify’s annual conference Shopify Unite 2021 event has announced the biggest infrastructure investments in Shopify’s history. 

Though Shopify Unite is essentially an event for developers, this year they announced some exciting products and features to empower merchant experiences on Shopify.

If you have tuned into Shopify Unite 2021, you must have learned that it has been Shopify’s mission to facilitate merchants to deliver the best omnichannel experiences

Also,  there are plenty of awesome updates and features to look forward to. In case you missed the event, do not worry.

We have brought in a  recap of the major announcements for merchants and their significance for you.

Announcements For Merchants

Shopify Unite 2021: Major Announcements on Empowering Merchants

Announcements made in Shopify Unite 2021 opens a brand new opportunity for merchants to sell in more unique and customized ways.

So, Here is the list of updates that means to merchants:

1.Customize your store creatively the way you want

Shopify’s biggest update, Online Store 2.0 is launched to enable you to customize your Shopify store with flexible customization options such as

  • Adding Sections to all pages
  • No code theme app extensions with app block
  • Metafields Improvements
  • No code Metafields file picker
  • Theme Editor enhancements
  • New Superfast Theme ‘Dawn’

2.  Obtain personalized app recommendations 

Shopify will soon provide personalized app recommendations to merchants helping them to choose the best app for their business from the Shopify App Store.

As a result, store owners can escape the effort and time to find suitable apps and concentrate on growing their business.

3.Provide a smooth checkout experience to your customers

Shopify enables you to offer customized checkout experiences to your customers using applications. A smooth checkout experience will build trust that eventually earns customer loyalty.

4.Buy now, pay later options for customers

Though this feature was announced before the annual conference, it found a mention in the event. The concept of buy now, pay later lets customers purchase anything paying upfront less or little money. It increases conversion rates. With Shopify’s Shop Pay Installments, customers can make payments in four installments.

5.Provide more payments options

Shopify is launching a Payments Platform for you to accept more payment methods from customers anywhere. As a result, you will be able to deliver localized customer experiences increasing check-out conversions for your store.

6.Create Custom Storefronts

Shopify’s Storefront  API lets you build custom storefronts and unlock vast commerce capabilities like showing local pricing based on locations, displaying availability for in-store pick-up and subscription selling plans.

Closing thoughts

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