Level-up Your Business With Shopify Made Easy: A Shopify Salesforce Connector

Level-up Your Business With Shopify Made Easy: A Shopify Salesforce Connector

The integration of the Shopify store and Salesforce CRM through Shopify Made Easy, the Shopify Salesforce connector is a strategic move that can significantly transform the way businesses operate in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

To level up your business, you need to meet the expectations of our customers and match steps with the trending AI technology. AI has opened a lot more opportunities for businesses to grow.

Salesforce is acing the AI industry, and streamlining business processes with more automation, easing the job in person and enhancing customer satisfaction. It is a good time to level up your Shopify store with the power of automation and connect your Shopify store with Salesforce.

In this blog, we will dig down to know what makes Shopify Made Easy a unique connector. Let’s get down the blog and explore its exclusive features which are freely available and ready to use on Appexchange.

Unique Features Of Shopify Made Easy


Talking about automation, Shopify Made Easy has unique features that leverage the power of automation in moving data from Shopify to Salesforce seamlessly and securely, while enabling you to have better data visualization for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Here are the features that are available for free.

  • Multistore Synchronization

The Multistore Synchronization feature helps you to sync your multiple online stores. This is beneficial for the smooth functioning of your business. You can monitor and maintain your stores from anywhere, anytime, and save your precious time.

  • Multi-currency

With our Shopify Made Easy app, you have an opportunity to deal with your international customers without any hassle in online transactions. Multi-currency benefits you from transacting in your preferred currency and breaking border barriers.

  • Dynamic Field Mapping

Dynamic Field Mapping is convenient for both IT and non-IT users. You can map the object field of Salesforce with Shopify. You can customize your mapping with simple clicks or we have inbuilt default mapping as well.

  • Real-time Sync

The real-time sync feature instantly reflects data without any lag in your Salesforce org. By default, the data will sync for the objects and the customer. Also, for other objects you have to set permission as per your business needs.

  • Manage Your Inventory With Shopify Made Easy

With our app, you can enable or disable inventory as per your requirements. If you enable your inventory any update in the inventory will be reflected in your Salesforce org. Also, manage your inventory, orders, draft orders, collection, payment, and much more at your convenience.

  • Support

The support system of Shopify Made Easy is quick and prompt, our customer satisfaction rate is highest among our competitors. On our support page, you can write your issues and submit them, and our dedicated Shopify Made Easy team will reach out to you with utmost priority.

Editor’s note: Available for both Business & Person Accounts, Shopify Made Easy is a customizable connector that can be customized as per your business needs and offers extensive functionalities like bi-directional sync, refund syncing, and more in its Pro Version.


It is high time to utilize the power the AI & automation in your Shopify business with Salesforce.

With Shopify Made Easy connector, experience a seamless Shopify and Salesforce integration and get benefits from the AI innovations on the Salesforce platform.

So, without much ado, download Shopify Made Easy from AppExchange and experience its features yourself. Also, stay tuned with us for upcoming blogs related to the e-commerce industry, Shopify updates, and more!

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