Prepare to Optimize your Shopify Store as online grocery sales double in 2021

Prepare to Optimize your Shopify Store as online grocery sales double in 2021

The pandemic had altered the shopping scenario forever. Online grocery stores have now more than 30% of buyers globally. 

A report suggests that online grocers have doubled their sales from 5% to 10% in 2021. Another report also says that in Europe over  50% of online buyers intend to continue shopping grocery online in near future.

As a Shopify grocery retailer, you must be prepared to meet the scaled-up demand and find a competitive edge to take your store to the next level.

online grocery sales double in 2021

Offer a delightful shopping convenience

For Shopify grocers, it is essential to make their online presence feel most convenient to shop. According to a report,

79% of consumers say that the shopping experience provided by companies is as important as  their products and services.

Hence it is quite necessary that you offer a seamless shopping experience to your customers in order to generate good business. You can add features and functionalities in your online store that allows customers to create a flexible shopping list. 

This makes it convenient for customers to keep a running list and place orders before their chosen item goes out of stock.

Better pick up experience

Generally, customers place orders online and choose the free delivery option. However, It has been found that most customers don’t hesitate to pay for super-fast deliveries within 6 hours of placing orders. 

This trend shows that by optimizing your in-store pickup process, you can not only earn some extra bucks but also can engage with a whole lot of customers.

Leveraging technologically advanced CRM like Salesforce, you can gain insights into customer 

details and offer services and products based on their shopping preferences.

Staying up with technology

As we have mentioned earlier, using Salesforce CRM you can manage your Shopify store efficiently and offer a convenient grocery shopping experience.

Interestingly, integrating your Shopify store with Salesforce is easy. 

The Shopify to Salesforce connector app, Shopify Made Easy synchronizes your store’s data 

with that of Salesforce perfectly without any fuss. It requires no code and imports data in real-time. It is free and is quite popular on App Exchange.

You may get the app from Salesforce AppExchange anytime.


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