Salesforce predicts digital shopping will go beyond Cyber week this holiday season

Salesforce predicts digital shopping will go beyond Cyber week this holiday season

With the holiday season just around the corner, online retailers are looking forward to a fruitful season just like the previous season.

Fueled by the pandemic, the year 2020 saw an unprecedented holiday shopping season registering the year as the biggest sale season ever.

Cut to 2021, though the world is slowly recovering from the claws of the pandemic, the economy is still gripping with high inflation.

According to a report, US retailers will have to face an extra  $223 for the cost of goods this holiday season. Consumers, retailers, and suppliers all will bear the burn of the rising costs this year. 

In such times, rejoicing the online retailers, here comes the prediction of world CRM leader Salesforce that states that this season online shopping will go beyond Cyber week.

digital shopping will go beyond Cyber week

Salesforce predictions boosting Shopify store’s sales

Based on its researches and surveys, Salesforce predicts that very much like the previous year,

this season will again witness digital shopping going beyond cyber weeks.

Last year, shoppers turned in for early shopping to avoid inventory challenges and also preferred to shop online till the end to check store inventory and coordinate their store pick-ups. 

This year the trend seems to remain the same. 

So, Salesforce suggests three critical windows that online retailers should plan for this year-

  • July and August  – As most of the schools and offices around the world are reopening after a long time, people will throng in stores to buy clothes and other essential things. The window frame of these months will mark the beginning of the holiday season sale.
  • Early November – As we have mentioned earlier, the rising price of goods and inventory scarcity will yet again make people come out for early holiday shopping this year. This is a crucial time frame for online retailers to set the cash registers ringing.
  • Late December – The customer-friendly options such as BOPIS(Buying Online/Pickup store) and Curbside delivery wins the game for Online Retailers.

Last year, the last five days before Christmas generated a 54% growth of business for the online retailers who offered curbside, drive-through, and in-store pickup facilities. In the event of inventory and last-mile delivery challenges continuing in 2021, Salesforce predicts that end-of-the-season sales will benefit online retailers this year too.

Holiday preparedness with Shopify Made Easy

From the prediction, we have understood that this holiday season is going to be another unexpected shopping season for retailers. As a Shopify retailer, you must prepare your store well in advance to leverage the current market scenario in your favor.

Utilizing the vast capabilities of Salesforce CRM, you can get all the insights and information required to woo the customers.

So, to sync your store with the mighty Salesforce CRM here comes the perfect Shopify- Salesforce connector app Shopify Made Easy. A diligent app that imports data from your store and then synchronizes workflows and configurations with Salesforce in real-time. A completely hassle-free app that requires no codes. And the best part is, it acts as an interface to manage inventory, order, collections, products, and many more in one platform.

Hence, Shopify Made Easy is the best solution that allows you to get the power of Salesforce to boost your business. Also, you can download the app from the Salesforce AppExchange for free.

Summing up

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