Shopify API Version Update 2022: See what’s new in Jan 2022 Release

Shopify API Version Update 2022: See what’s new in Jan 2022 Release

Shopify, the world’s leading eCommerce platform has released the latest API version Update 2022 edition recently.

Surely, You must be curious to know what features and improvements have been included in the latest release that is crucial for improving the quality of the app and developer experience as well.

So, We, as your trusted Shopify-Salesforce integration partner, are here to give you a roundup of the latest API features so that you can review and implement the changes asap.

So, let’s get started straight away

What's included in the Shopify API Version Update 2022

The latest API release brings along improved product filtering capability through the storefront API. Further, it includes new meta field definitions on customers, collections, and Orders and the brand new Product Taxonomy API.

Apart from these, this version also contains an Order Invoice API, more error codes for bulk mutations, and decluttered processes to obtain translatable resources along with barcodes, and featured images.

As of version 2021-01 will become unsupportive when the new version becomes available, Shopify store owners must check their API Health Report to ensure they have reviewed the changes and are compatible with them.

An Overview of the API release contents

Shopify API Version Update

1. Filter product in collections using the Storefront API

The new 2022-01 version now enables the filtering of products in the collection through the storefront API. As a result, the search result displayed to the customers can be further narrowed down in collections based on vendor type, stock availability, variant options, price, and product type.

2. Product Taxonomy API

This new feature will help you in keeping your products organized and make them discoverable to customers on the store owner’s storefronts. The new Product Taxonomy API has Standardized Product Types which are the preset categories of products that can enhance the wider reach of the products and enable store owners to enlist their products on platforms like Facebook.

3. Meta field Definitions on Customers, collections, and Orders

Expanding support to July’s update of the Meta field, the 2022-01 version allows custom meta field types on Collections, Orders, and Customers.  Now, the Meta field on these newly added resources can execute validations on18  different kinds of data. This will enable store owners to load the validated data to be showcased on Storefronts.

4. Order Invoice API

Now you send invoices to customers using Shopify’s API new mutation.

Automating the manual process, The orderinvoiceSend Mutation allows merchants to provide an ID and email content and send emails directly to customers requesting the pending payment for an order.

5. Bulk Mutation API error codes

In this version, the general error code has been replaced with five new more error codes that would provide better insights to understand what went wrong.

6. Get multiple Translatable resources by ID

With the Shopify API Version Update 2022, it will be now possible to fetch a specific list of translatable resources with a host of IDs. Also, the featured image field and the ProductVariant barcode will enable you to obtain the feature image of any product and the barcode of any variant respectively in this latest version.

You may read the full  API changes of the latest version here.

Wrap Up

Well, that was all about Shopify API Version Update 2022.

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