Shopify Brings AI-enabled Commerce Assistant For Its Merchants

Shopify Brings AI-enabled Commerce Assistant For Its Merchants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation are the buzzwords we all have heard these days and we have witnessed them in every industry domain. This cutting-edge technology has entered the e-commerce world with a lot of automation. Now with the power of AI, the e-commerce industry is reshaping itself and acing towards the glorified version of itself. From automated customer care to predictive analytics and other features, AI is revolutionizing how we shop online.

So when AI is everywhere, Shopify has brought an AI-enabled commerce assistant for Shopify merchants. In the blog, we will explore what is hidden behind this AI-enabled assistant for Shopify merchants. Let’s get started.

Leveraging the power of AI in E-commerce

power of AI in E-commerce

The accelerating pace of AI has changed the world around, and a lot more is yet to be observed. In the AI world, Salesforce is acing the competition by bringing AI into every product. Salesforce Commerce Cloud has the power of AI + Data + CRM that transforms the customer journey by personalizing at scale with real-time and fueling business growth like never before.

On the same track, Shopify also is never behind in surprising its customers, and this time it announces more than 100 updates as part of its Summer ‘23 Edition. These modifications, which include Sidekick, a new AI-enabled commerce assistant for Shopify business owners, seek to make their merchants more efficient, imaginative, and powerful than ever before, rolling in a new era of commerce full of whole new possibilities.

What Exactly AI-enabled Commerce Assistant does?

AI-enabled commerce assistant simplifies the tasks of Shopify merchants. The notable highlights are the one-click creation of blog entries for occasions or campaigns, personalized AI-generated FAQ responses, and optimized commerce-oriented emails.

Shopify also introduced Marketplace Connect, a feature that enables retailers to sell directly on well-known marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart from within the Shopify ecosystem. The management of numerous sales channels is greatly simplified by this improved program, which also improves order fulfilment, inventory control, and product listings.

AI is blooming, and it assists people build enterprises faster than ever before. It smoothens the life of Shopify merchants and the consumer simultaneously. This is only the beginning of AI and automation, a lot more is held in the future.


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