Shopify launches Shopify Markets, a new global business hub for Shopify merchants

Shopify launches Shopify Markets, a new global business hub for Shopify merchants

The e-commerce behemoth Shopify, recently launched Shopify Markets for merchants to go global with seamless cross-border selling. It’s a centralized hub loaded with all essential tools needed by merchants to manage global commerce.

Using Shopify Market, Shopify store owners can manage one global store to create localized storefronts in different countries. 

With Shopify Markets, Shopify is expanding its cross-border capabilities to help merchants tap into the growth of global e-commerce. Earlier Shopify offered international domains and multicurrency solutions to its merchants to sell to international consumers. And with these solutions, Shopify merchants garnered US$20 billion in cross-border sales in 2020. 

In July 2021, the data showed that around 27% of all the traffic to Shopify stores came from international customers. 

Hence, to enable merchants to expand and reach customers globally, The Shopify Market has been unveiled.

How Shopify Market helps merchants

global business hub for Shopify merchants

Though catering to global clients ensures a huge boost in revenue, it is quite a challenging task at the same time. There are many complexities such as offering local payment methods, language localization, currency conversion, and duty and import taxes that hinder selling effectively. Shopify Markets aims to solve this problem by making Shopify global by default.
Leveraging Shopify market, merchants shall be able to –

Move into the new market easily-
Merchants can enter into a new market with just clicks on the Shopify market platform and then manage these markets by getting a unified view of their total business from a central dashboard.

Increase conversion and trust by customization
Data reveals that by localizing language and currencies, conversion rates grew up to
1.13x and 1.40x respectively. Hence, keeping in mind these growth factors, Shopify
The market enables merchants to customize the following to deliver meaningful experiences-

  • Payment methods and local currencies
  • Availability of products as per the market
  • Rates and pricing rules as per the market 
  • Local Languages
  • Local Domains with automatic SEO 
  • Import and Duties to do away with surprise costs at the time of delivery

Actionable Insights and Smart Settings for optimizing global selling
Merchants can now decide when, how, and where they sell their products using the
actionable insights drawn by Shopify And with Smart Settings, they can optimize
automatically without even hiring an operation team. For example, with Smart settings,
Shopify will find the best conversion and will show the best payment methods at
checkout automatically.

Monitor performance of activated markets with a unified view
Shopify merchants can now manage all their cross-border business in one single view at
the Shopify admin with customized customer experiences at each market. As a result,
they can track their business performance in activated markets in one centralized

Wrap Up

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