How Shopify Made Easy Streamlined The Refund Process For A Fashion Brand

How Shopify Made Easy Streamlined The Refund Process For A Fashion Brand

Refunding can be a real hassle for Shopify merchants. It can be especially challenging for those who have multiple stores with different refund policies.

In such a scenario, a comprehensive solution that offers Shopify-Salesforce integration along with customization benefits is a dire need for businesses.

A leading fashion brand was facing the same issue with its two Shopify stores across two different locations and a disintegrated refund process, causing a dent in its customer service game.

That’s when they turned to the Shopify Made Easy App, and the multi-store sync feature proved to be a game-changer for them.

Let’s see how the app provided a solution to their refund challenges by centralizing the refund process across their multiple Shopify stores.

Syncing refunds from multiple stores in Salesforce with Shopify Made Easy

Syncing refunds from multiple stores in Salesforce with Shopify Made Easy

The fashion brand running multiple stores was facing difficulties in keeping track of refunds. Each store had its own set of orders and returns, and managing them manually was proving to be a challenge.
Solving the challenge, the multi-store sync feature of the Shopify Made Easy App allowed them to

  • Sync data across multiple stores into Salesforce org seamlessly in real-time. 
  • They could easily view all your stores’ orders and refunds in one place, making it easier to manage and process refunds.
  • This feature not only saved time but also reduces errors that used to occur during manual data entry.

By leveraging the customization benefits of the app, the company roped in the developers to refund sync functionality in Salesforce. They, therefore, created

  • Custom objects in Order and Opportunities in Salesforce. Then the refund records on Shopify were populated on the Salesforce stance.

As a result, the company could now view Customers’ refunds records in Salesforce using the custom refund sync functionality and facilitate multiple inventory management from one org using the multi-store sync feature of the app.


So, if you are running a multi-store business and struggling to keep up with the refunds, the Shopify Made Easy app can be your ideal solution!
Also, to explore more such industry solutions from Shopify Made Easy, install the app from Salesforce AppExchange today!

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