The Future of Commerce 2022: Key takeaways from Shopify’s Annual eCommerce Report

The Future of Commerce 2022: Key takeaways from Shopify’s Annual eCommerce Report

The much-awaited Shopify’s annual eCommerce report is here and, it brings insights from three areas of Commerce: eCommerce, retail, and shipping and logistics.

Shopify has published this report after conducting a detailed analysis of survey data received from millions of consumers and businesses around the world, including Shopify merchants.

The changes that businesses have dealt with in the last two years have made them more resilient than ever. The future of commerce depends on changes that are expected to affect the way we sell, shop, and ship. 

So, in this article today, we will share the key findings of this report for you to determine your roadmap to the future of Commerce in 2022.

Key insights of the future of Commerce 2022 report

The Future of Commerce 2022

The future of eCommerce 

The trends that are shaping the future of eCommerce in 2022 are

  • The rising cost of acquisition 
  • The phasing out of third party cookies
  • Expansion of social commerce

With eCommerce sales increasing, competition has become very stiff. D2C brands are also marking their presence on the eCommerce platforms. With advertising costs skyrocketing, brands are now pushing for brand building to increase lifetime customer value and brand loyalty.


The future of retail

As the retail sector is reopening, these new trends are being observed in the retail sector

  • Demand for in-person shopping is on the rise
  • Omnichannel shopping
  • Retail staff retention

As consumers crave in-shop experiences, retailers are prioritizing experimental retail to provide unique experiences to customers. Also, with rising digital advertising costs, many brands are moving towards offline retail to lower customer acquisition costs. 

The new surge of online brands into offline channels compels retailers to level up their omnichannel strategy to offer exceptional experiences across all channels.  Apart from that, brands will also emphasize employee satisfaction to retain them as footfall on physical stores increases.

Future of Logistics and Shipping

The key takeaways of the shipping and logistics report for 2022 are

  • Supply chain crisis will persist in 2022

  • Brands is revamping its manufacturing and fulfillment strategy

  • Logistic companies focus on renewed and resilient supply chains.

As the supply chain will be a concern in 2022, brands are looking to modernize their supply chain process, enhance transparency, and opt for sustainable business practices to meet customers’ expectations.

Wrap Up

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