Tips to retain your holiday shoppers and grow your Shopify store post-holiday season

Tips to retain your holiday shoppers and grow your Shopify store post-holiday season

Hail Shopifiers! Pat yourself on the back for record-setting sales this holiday season

Shopify merchants worked hard, adopting the right strategies, and their efforts have paid off. This season customers arrived in your store in huge numbers, some of them were your familiar customers while some of them were new. 

And it’s time to make those new customers your loyal fans.

Apart from that, you would also like your trusted customers to stay interested in your products and offerings for their future purchases. 

So here we are again to share some tips to retain your customers and hang on to your newly-found customer base. Take a look!

Reward your loyal customers

One of the simplest ways to strengthen your bond with existing customers and new ones as well is by creating loyalty programs. Loyalty programs are very effective in bringing customers back to your store. Create smart tier-based incentive levels which get unlocked with a certain number of purchases in your store. 

You can also offer certain referral discounts to existing customers for bringing in new customers. This will not only benefit your existing clientele but also increase your customer base with newer customers.

Use email marketing to build rapport

Reach out to new customers or even existing ones by sending out personalized emails to them. Start with a thank you note and educate your customers by showcasing the compelling features of the products they purchased. 


Moving on, offer a recommendation based on their shopping behavior. You may also offer initial discounts or codes encouraging purchases. 

Also, ensure you send out periodic newsletters sharing tips, products and other relevant recommendations to keep them engaged.

Deliver excellent post-sales customer service

After a marathon run on sales this holiday season, be prepared to attend to customers with queries on product usage, installation, exchanges and returns. 

So, fine-tune your customer service team with dedicated experts to offer seamless personalized customer service. Answer their concerns in real-time. You may also employ Salesforce Service Chatbots to give personalized solutions to your customers. 

To speed up response time, create automated answers for FAQs.

Also, create separate extensions for exchange/returns for a hassle-free interaction. And, lastly, do not forget to ask for feedback for improving your service.

Tips to retain your holiday shoppers and grow your Shopify store post-holiday season

Engage on social media

One of the most effective tools to engage customers with your product is social media platforms. Post engaging content advertising about your products’ offers and deals regularly and stay updated.

This way you can retain your new and existing customers and grow your business.

Wrap Up

We are hopeful these tips will help you retain your holiday shoppers and expand your loyal customer base. Keep up the holiday sale spirit and continue to drive sales and productivity with Shopify Made Easy. Install this app to sync your Shopify store with Salesforce securely in real-time and leverage Salesforce capabilities to grow your business. 

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