Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps for eCommerce business

Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps for eCommerce business

Salesforce integration in the eCommerce business has widened operational capabilities like never before. By integrating their businesses with Salesforce, eCommerce merchants can get critical insights of customer data for informed decision-making and, thus, can manage and streamline their multiple processes.

Salesforce platform allows multiple integrations, including API integration, data integration and integrations with disparate systems.

So, today in this blog, we will showcase the top 5 Salesforce integrations that can benefit eCommerce merchants to enhance their customer service and boost productivity. So, here we are-

1. Shopify Made Easy

Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps

Shopify Made Easy connects the world’s rapidly growing eCommerce platform Shopify with the world’s best CRM platform Salesforce

Dedicated to providing seamless integration of Shopify stores with Salesforce CRM, this app tops the chart. Ranked as the no.1 app in Salesforce AppExchange for e-commerce integrations, this app moves records like Customers, products, orders, inventories, accounts, drafts, collections, etc, into Salesforce in real-time, ensuring complete data security. This app is highly customizable and requires no prior coding to set up and configure.

2. Docs Made Easy

Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps

Docs Made Easy is another useful app that automates your document generation process by seamlessly pulling data from Salesforce CRM. 

An increasingly popular app on Salesforce AppExchange, this app generates professional-looking documents with accuracy and effortless Salesforce integration. It reduces human effort and streamlines Sales processes with powerful automation. It can be installed from the Salesforce AppExchange for free.

3. ShipStation

Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps

ShipStation is an eCommerce shipping platform that offers Salesforce integration to ship orders from Salesforce and other sources and create shipping labels for the world’s well-known shipping carriers. 

This app helps warehouses maximize productivity and update all shipping data back to Salesforce with their advanced automation workflows. It is an ideal app for businesses to upscale their fulfilment strategy.

4. Daddy Analytics

Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps

This Salesforce integration app is basically designed to improve marketing ROIs. This app links Google Ad to Salesforce to track your leads from campaigns to determine the profitability of your marketing efforts. This app closes cold leads with tracking and leads analytics helping you determine your Marketing ROIs.

5. BridgeMail Email Marketing

Top 5 Salesforce Integration Apps

Email Marketing is one marketing strategy that helps eCommerce sellers retarget and retain customers and is extremely effective especially, during peak sale season, to reach out to their customers and increase conversions.

BridgeMail app offers plug-and-play Salesforce integration to send out compelling emails to your customers with drag and drop functionalities, advanced segmentation and responsive email template and landing pages as well. This app is free and also offers analytics to measure efficacy.

Wrap Up

We hope this article helps you in choosing the right tool for increasing the efficiency and growth of your eCommerce business.

Also, if you need any help with the Shopify-Salesforce integration, our expert developers are always ready to help! Click here to book a demo anytime!

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