Top 5 Strategies To Boost Your ROI this holiday season

Top 5 Strategies To Boost Your ROI this holiday season

According to the statistics, Online sales during this holiday season are expected to grow 11-15%  to reach up to $226 billion.

Online retailers are willing to capitalize on this trend and drive skyrocketing business this 

Year. Hence, they will need scalable, diversified, and effective ways to reach out, engage and convert customers to increase sales and revenue.

After all, it is the profitability that speaks of the success of your marketing campaigns at the end of the day.

In our previous blogs, we have shared tips to engage customers effectively using various channels and strategies. In the third blog of our series, we will attempt to bring forth some powerful strategies that can help boost your Return on Investment(ROI) this entire season of promising holiday sales

ROI boosting strategies

1. Team up with content and traditional affiliates

Powerful and engaging content can engage customers in a meaningful way. A study revealed that compared to last year, this holiday season consumers are 18%more likely to do shopping from social media platforms. So, engaging your potential customers with compelling content can help in gaining more sales.

It has also been found that content partners have delivered a 64% revenue growth year to date for affiliate marketers. Therefore, partnerships with content partners and influencers for attracting more customers can be the key to growing revenue.

Top 5 Strategies To Boost Your ROI this holiday season

2. Adjust your offer promotions plan from time to time

For wooing your customers, you will promote coupons, discounts, deals, and offers, but that’s not enough. In this all-digital era, customers hop from one site to another to grab the best deal. So, your marketing team needs to design suitable promotion levels to meet your goals. 

The season of sale starting from Thanksgiving, Black Friday to Cyber Monday generates higher revenue and as a retailer, you will have to adjust and deliver attractive deals, coupons, and offers throughout these days. Plan enticing promotions and track your KPIs for necessary adjustments.

3. Optimize your store for mobile shopping

In this digital era, keeping your store ready for all devices is very important. Data reveals that almost 73% of customers visiting shopping sites originate from mobile devices with 56% successful conversions. Hence, it will be a wise and necessary move to optimize your Shopify store for all devices. Seamless and connected experiences will not only increase order value but also improve retention rates and thus helping you gain increased ROIs.

4. Prioritize making new customers

In our previous blogs, we have spoken a lot about retaining and retargeting loyal customers by upselling and cross-selling. No doubt, it is a great strategy for increasing average order value, but for increasing ROI through the roof, you must aim to get new customers. Promoting on multiple channels about deals and offers for deeper penetration is essential. Devise strategies after thorough research and make partners commissioned strategically to reach new customers.

5. Keep your site ready to keep technical glitches at bay

Apart from keeping a check on your inventory and abandoned carts, you must also prepare your store site to avoid any technical problems on D-day. Check your site’s loading speed and accessibility across all browsers. Also, make sure that you have a valid SSL certificate which is essential for maintaining the security of customers’ information. With the smooth and fast functioning of your site, you should be able to provide a better customer experience resulting in increased sales.


We hope these tips help you in boosting your ROI this holiday season.

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