Top benefits of Shopify Salesforce Integration in 2022

Top benefits of Shopify Salesforce Integration in 2022

Shopify merchants across the world have achieved a great feat during the holiday shopping season of 2021. Shopify is quickly becoming the best platform for delivering great customer experiences to customers and growing your business.

The predictions for 2022 suggest further growth in the eCommerce industry, with online sales expected to grow to $5.4 billion.

Hence, to seize the opportunity of sustainable growth, Shopify merchants must level up and equip themselves with the tool to drive better decision-making and improve customer loyalty.

Combining the power of Shopify and Salesforce

Speaking of tools, Salesforce CRM, the undisputed leader in the CRM provider, can be a game-changer for Shopify stores. Salesforce provides detailed insights about customers and comes with advanced tools so that you target the right customers and sell like a pro. 

The combination of Shopify and Salesforce’s capabilities is a win-win strategy for store owners. Shopify platform offers 

  • smooth usability, 
  • ensures easy integration, 
  • provides security
  • Compatibility and 
  • Speed

Salesforce platform, on the other hand, 

  • Improves lead management and conversions
  • Better sales predictions
  • Boosts customer experiences
  • Enhances productivity
  • Offers easy opportunity management
Top benefits of Shopify Salesforce Integration in 2022

Benefits of Shopify-Salesforce integration

Retain and re-engage your customers

Understanding your customer well is the best way to target customers and deliver better customer experiences. Bringing your customer data into Salesforce, you can get precise insights and use those insights to improve your marketing strategy and retain your loyal customers. It can improve your customer engagement and retention.

Boost sales with enhanced marketing campaigns

Syncing data with Salesforce, Shopify store owners can leverage the Salesforce platform to monitor the outcome of marketing efforts and also the performance of the Sales team. Sales prediction, easy reporting, and accounting in Salesforce help manage the sales team smoothly, ultimately boosting sales and revenue generation.

Reduce redundant entry

The Shopify- Salesforce integration sync data end to end. This minimizes redundancy and the possibility of errors eliminating the chance of dual entry. 

Automation saves time

With workflow automation, records get transferred to Salesforce in real-time, saving your precious time and efforts.

Final Thought

If you are looking for the best Shopify -Salesforce connector app, your search ends with Shopify Made Easy. Its offers real-time sync, efficient inventory management and allows you to import unlimited data to Salesforce from your multiple Shopify stores securely and instantly. Isn’t that great!

What else! The app is freely available on Salesforce AppExchange and requires no coding knowledge to set up. So, download the app now, and in case you need help with the installation process, you can book a demo by clicking on the link here.

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