Top Reasons why you need an eCommerce CRM for your Shopify store

Top Reasons why you need an eCommerce CRM for your Shopify store

As an eCommerce store owner, you know there is growing competition in online business, as customers have been shopping online more than ever.

Online retailers are leaving no stone unturned to woo customers and reap the maximum benefits of the current eCommerce trend.

So, to stay ahead of the competition, you will have to retain customers. Customer Retention is the only way to stand out among your customers and earn good revenue.

This is where an efficient eCommerce CRM comes into play. A CRM helps you in many ways to offer a smooth customer experience thereby, growing your business.

What is Ecommerce CRM

An e-commerce CRM is a bit different from a traditional CRM. Generally, A CRM stores relevant data about your customers giving you an overview of your business operations and helping you identify and focus on possible sales opportunities.

An eCommerce CRM, on the other hand, is designed specially to help eCommerce businesses manage customer’s shopping behavior, contact information, and other analytics.

For example, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based eCommerce solution that offers world-class features and functionalities to help businesses drive customer engagement.

eCommerce CRM for your Shopify store

Advantages of Using CRM for your Shopify Store

As competition gets fiercer, the use of CRM tools can give you a competitive edge over there.

Let’s roll in to see how a CRM system can benefit your business. 

  1. Customer Segmentation: A CRM segregates the customer info into segments based on their location, shopping preferences, and browsing history. This helps the sales team to narrow down the search and offer recommendations and services based on the insights.

  2. Effective team management: Once you have sorted the customers into categories, you can assign your key account managers to follow up. This way you can manage your workforce by assigning specific roles based on their areas of expertise without wasting time and resources.

  3. Redefine your marketing strategy: With data stored in CRM, it can also tell you about the way customers want to be contacted for new offers. You can decide on choosing the right marketing strategy like email marketing strategy or social media promotions based on this key insight.

  4. Order Management: This is yet another important functionality that enables you to keep track of the order journey right from order placement to order processing, tracking of shipments, delivery, and receiving feedback from customers.

Shopify to Salesforce integration with Shopify Made Easy

As we have mentioned earlier, Salesforce CRM offers robust features that can make your Shopify store drive more sales. 

You can synchronize your store with Salesforce CRM using Shopify to Salesforce connector app, Shopify Made Easy. Interestingly, this app not only integrates your data and workflows but also helps you manage your inventory, orders, collections, and products in one unified platform. Isn’t that great?

The app can be downloaded from Salesforce AppExchange for free. Get it now!

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